Our Flutes

I don’t usually offer flutes for sale on-line, so this page is meant for you to see the type of flutes I make.

This is an Eastern Red Cedar flute in E minor. The bird is Walnut with a laser engraving.

Two F# minor flutes. Left is a canary flute with engraved walnut bird. On the right is an Eastern Red Cedar flute with engraved walnut bird.

Two Eastern Red Cedar E minor flutes. The birds are walnut with engravings.

A close-up of one of the laser engravings, this one of Kokopelli.

Three G minor flutes. On the left, Maple, in the middle is Redheart and on the right is a Canary Wood flute.

As I said, I make a lot of different styles of flutes. This was my offerings at a local powwow.

A collection of my hiking stick drone flutes. These are usually made of maple, a good sturdy wood. These are both drone flutes and a functional walking stick. I make these in the minor Keys of A,G,F#,E, Bass D and Bass C in lengths of 45inches to 60 inches.

This is a detail of my high quality PVC flutes, using PVC electrical conduit and some 3D printed parts of my own design. They make an excellent flute for backpacking, or just leaving one in your vehicle.